Sapa Day 1

We arrived in Lao Cai after our night train ride. The ride was pretty smooth. My only regret is not seeing the countryside along the way. We hopped on a shuttle to get to Sapa for $2.5 each, for an hour shuttle ride. As an fyi, there is a train every hour on the half … More Sapa Day 1

#TBT Malibu 2015

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary (being together, not married) in Malibu last year. I probably had not hung around the Malibu area since attending my friend’s law school graduation here in 2008. Last time we were in LA together, we hit up Getty Museum, so this time we wanted to see Getty Villa. Getty is an awesome … More #TBT Malibu 2015

Yosemite I

We went to Yosemite in late July of 2015. We departed on July 31, and stayed in Mammoth for the night. We ended up staying somewhere expensive as hell even though we were pretty much just drinking and crashing for the night, because we had failed to realize it was some music festival weekend. At … More Yosemite I