Yang Ming Shan, Yeh Liu, and Dim Sum for Dinner 11/22/18

In the morning of November 22, we found a breakfast joint on Guo Ji road, a short distance away, and ordered a 煎餅 (Jian Bing) and some Kung Pao noodles topped with a fried egg. Jian Bing is essentially a Taiwanese breakfast burrito, encompassing scrambled eggs, and/or ham and other items inside a warm, soft, … More Yang Ming Shan, Yeh Liu, and Dim Sum for Dinner 11/22/18

Portland 10/5/2018

Once again, we made good use of our Southwest Companion Pass by taking a long weekend and checking out Portland. Vale was mostly reasonable on the flight, and we arrived around 11 in the morning, just in time to be greeted by rain amidst the lush green landscapes. Upon landing, we immediately made use of … More Portland 10/5/2018

Sapa 5/31/16

We had a beautiful breakfast on the balcony of Sapa Lodge to start our day. It was very foggy when we woke up but the day became progressively clearer. The clouds and fog hanging in the mountains gives one the impression of being in the heavens. We rented a scooter and made our way to … More Sapa 5/31/16

Hue, 5/28/16

We had breakfast at the breakfast buffet at our hotel, which again featured a sumptuous feast including pho bar, fruit bar, dessert bar, etc., though we both agreed the Saigon Phu Quoc resort’s buffet was better. Our original scooter rental plans fell through and we found ourselves at questionable Allez Boo again. We rented a … More Hue, 5/28/16

Phu Quoc Day #1

We enjoyed a fantastic breakfast buffet at our Saigon hotel (Sanouva), which included a beef and carrot stew, miso soup, sausage, bacon, omelets, and various delicious tropical fruits. Particularly notable was the passion fruit, with which I have an excessive preoccupation. We caught our flight to Phu Quoc island, where my mother tells me was … More Phu Quoc Day #1

Yosemite I

We went to Yosemite in late July of 2015. We departed on July 31, and stayed in Mammoth for the night. We ended up staying somewhere expensive as hell even though we were pretty much just drinking and crashing for the night, because we had failed to realize it was some music festival weekend. At … More Yosemite I