Ensenada 8/11/2019

On Saturday morning, we drove down to La Bufadora, “The Blowhole.” Because Vale had been spending significant time sitting in her car seat since our trip began, we decided to stop at a little playground about half way to the blowhole, and let her get some energy out. The playground appeared quite modern and adequate … More Ensenada 8/11/2019

Ensenada 8/9/2019

We took a 4-day trip down to Ensenada recently, which we had been wanting to do for several months. We booked an AirBnB, which was a lovely, oceanfront property slightly north of the city of Ensenada. The view was breathtaking, and you could hear the waves throughout the house. The location was convenient, being a … More Ensenada 8/9/2019

A Day in the City

On Wednesday November 21, we woke up early again, and started the day off with convenience store coffee, a quick jog, and a visit to the playground. By day 3, we’d pretty much developed a routine. Vale loves this park and was enjoying some good climbing and slides. We then took the bus and the … More A Day in the City